Introducing "Tipsy Tanks"

Well hello there!

My name is Millika and I love Craft Beer! Now, just so we are clear... I am NOT just "jumping on the bandwagon" I have been a beer enthusiast since the mid 90's (Yes, I AM that old) Do you remember 'Olde English?"  Yep... I just said that!

Believe it or not, I used to mix my beer with lime juice, orange juice or anything I thought that would mix well. Back in those days, my friends thought I was crazy. But I knew one day we would evolve from Olde English and Mickey's.

So I guess you can say that I have been drinking beer since before it was cool. I remember when someone told me that there was a brewery in the area and we could actually go inside, order a beer and drink it there... In the brewery! It blew my mind!

I live in Sunny South Florida, so I am always in my jeans and a tank top. I thought to myself, I need to have a cute shirt to wear to these new breweries and show my love (represent) that I am a Beer Girl. Wear it loud and proud! So, I looked into it and at the time there were no craft beer apparel companies in south Florida. But now.. I don't even have to say it... so many!

But, I still pursued my passion for creating unique tees and tanks and of course... drinking craft beer!

Follow me and my new blog and come join me on my beer adventures!

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